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Otico Software, founded in 2014, represents a unique collaboration between senior international tax & legal professionals and experienced software developers. 

We believe in developing software solutions for the unique challenges faced by tax & legal professionals, whether in-house or in practice. We are passionate about the potential for user-friendly automation within tax & legal departments to generate transformational benefits in terms of time-savings and improved outcomes.

Market Need

Everyone recognises that technical analysis by seasoned professionals lies at the heart of all good tax and legal work. There is no substitute for this human element. However, too often, valuable professional resources are tied up with routine collection, sharing, and filing of quantitative and qualitative data, rather than value-adding analysis, interpretation, and action.

Whilst finance departments have made significant use of technology in the task of controlling their data in recent years, tax & legal professionals are still over reliant on inefficient, semi-automated, or manual approaches, to data storage, retrieval, control & analysis. Where efficiency is impeded, so is transparency, creating a fertile ground for risks and missed opportunities.

Otico Software was founded to address a clear market need for practical and user friendly time saving IT solutions. Our initial range of products focuses on "Time Saving Tax Solutions". We are also developing a range of Legal Solutions and Professional Practice Solutions.


Our first licensed solution, TP Controller, was developed by senior transfer pricing specialists and coded by experienced software developers in response to the OECD BEPS initiative. TP Controller enables corporates to automate and maximise efficiency in the storage, sharing, control & analysis of their global TP data and generate on a "one-click" basis their country-by-country report in the OECD approved format. Additional licensed solutions from Otico Software are currently in development. 

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