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Features of TP Controller

Dashboard Intelligence

A unique dashboard at the heart of TP Controller provides a crisp visual overview of your documentation status and risk assessment as well as direct access to "one click" creation of an OECD compliant CBCR.

View Entities

OECD compliant entity profiles are embedded in TP Controller to facilitate CBCR. Documents are indexed by legal entity and financial year to provide a single, user-friendly, entity view, with key profit level indicators and all relevant documents.

Financial Data

Clear P&L and Balance Sheet data displayed for each entity and year with simple Excel based import functionality. Automatic calculation of percentage of related party exposures for each line item to facilitate risk assessments.

Library of Benchmarks

All benchmarks in a single location, categorised by function, transaction type, TP method, PLI, and data source. The power to quickly identify risks & opportunities, as well as leverage past analysis to optimise your global benchmarking spend.

Agreements Archive

40 different types of inter-company agreement have been specified within TP Controller. Corporates can make use of special "drop-boxes" to upload all agreements needed to support their TP model.

TP Documents

A Touchpoint for storing, sharing, analysing, and controlling all of your global TP documentation. Add any type of file in any format and our sophisticated categorisation and search function means its only ever "one-click" away.

Settings Adjustment

A sophisticated back-end that allows you to customise TP controller for your business, your terminology, and your business parameters. Grant selective access rights and customise the risk assessment module.

Standard Features

Time Saving

All our solutions are designed to save users significant time by “letting the computer do the work”. We don't develop solutions unless they meet this goal. 

Advanced Security

The protection of confidential information from unauthorised accesses is designed into each of our solutions with advanced technology.

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Bespoke User Profiles

User profiles are fully customisable in each of our solutions to enable  tailored access to files and a granular level of user permissions.


Data Entry

Double data entry is outlawed at Otico. All data is used and synchronised throughout each solution. We like simple data uploads via Excel, smart "drop boxes" with auto complete labeling, and carry-forward buttons to re-use profile data.  


Data Sharing

All our solutions come with intelligent search functionality and buttons for practical extraction and sharing of information in either the original file format, pre-formatted pdf reports, summary excel lists, or raw data downloads.