TP Controller

Work Smarter

TP Controller is a unique Touchpoint solution for global transfer pricing data management and risk assessment purposes. TP Controller includes country-by-country report generation at the click of a button, designed in compliance with the latest OECD requirements. TP Controller enables corporates to maintain ownership, control and access to all of their data and is sold on a fully "stand-alone" and "advisor neutral" basis. Our user-friendly design and indirect interface with your existing systems (i.e. Excel import/export of data) enables simple "plug and play" installation and use.   

TP Controller sets new standards for automation and efficiency in the storage, sharing, control and analysis of TP data.

Value Propositions


Made Easy

TP Controller includes a "one-click" country-by-country report (CBCR) generator in the OECD approved format.

Tax Control


Demonstrate that you are "in control" of your company's transfer pricing issues, with clear reporting and audit trail data. 



A unique dashboard at the heart of TP Controller provides a crisp visual overview of your documentation status and risk assessment.



A simple user-friendly Touchpoint solution to efficiently store, share, control, and analyze your global TP data.